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The Gymnaskills Recreational / Educational Gymnastics Program (5 Years and Up)
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Our Recreational program is an age group program designed for ages 5 and up Students enroll for the 60, 75, or 90 minute class that meets once per week BUT have the option for registering for multiple classes (which receive a significant discount). The gymnastics instruction features lessons on all of the gymnastics apparatus (Vault, Bars, Beam), tumbling, trampoline and strength and flexibility training as well. Since each child will progress at their own pace on each of the events covered, we have devised a unique system for challenging the strengths and improving the weaknesses that each student may have. Students and parents are given access to their own online skill chart powered by that serves as their specific lesson plan.  As skills are learned, stars are given.  One star indicates that the student has gone through the drills and progressions for that skill, two stars indicate that the student has performed the skill with or without a spotter, three stars indicate that the student is able to perform the skill consistantly with or without errors, four stars indicate that the student performs the skill without a spotter with good form and technique, while five stars indicated mastery of this skill with excellent form and technique.  Three stars are the minimum passing standard for our Gymnaskills Recreational Program skills.  All of the skills in each level build on skills in the next level.
Gymnaworld proudly uses interactive skillcharts with all levels of our Classes, Pre-teams, and Competitive Teams!  Parents create an account with a username and password and can access their children’s progress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as their skill charts are updated by their instructors and coaches via internet browser or by downloading the app on most mobile devices. Parents and students can monitor their progress anytime with our online interactive skillcharts powered by!
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