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The Gymnaworld Gymnastars Program (5 Years and Up) The Gymnaworld Gymnastars pre-competitive program serves as a stepping stone from our Gymnaskills recreational gymnastics class program. Athletes advance from either the Gymnatots recreational program or the Gymnaskills recreational program to our Gymnastars pre-competitive program. The Gymnastars program is designed for the serious gymnast, the ones who not only have the talent, but more importantly the desire to be a competitive gymnast in the future. The student will experience a more structured, more detailed approach to our instruction in our Gymnastars program. By no means does this mean that the fun stops here. Most students find the Twistars developmental program very FUN, CHALLENGING MOTIVATING and SATISFYING. Our Gymnastars program currently contains two levels within the program.  As with all of our programs, parents and athletes may monitor the athlete’s progress with our program!
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Gymnaworld proudly uses interactive skillcharts with all levels of our Classes, Pre-teams, and Competitive Teams!  Parents create an account with a username and password and can access their children’s progress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as their skill charts are updated by their instructors and coaches via internet browser or by downloading the app on most mobile devices. Parents and students can monitor their progress anytime with our online interactive skillcharts powered by!
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