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COMPETITIVE TEAM PROGRAM (5 1/2 years & up) Gymnaworld’s competitive team program has formed a tradition of excellence in the last several years. In fact the coaching staff at Gymnaworld has been responsible for many State and Regional Champions and finalists over the past decade as well as setting many score records in our state. Our current event score record is a 9.90 (scored three times in one season) and our current All-around score record is a 39.20 (scored twice in one season)! These accomplishments are amazing considering the fact that Gymnaworld is not the largest gymnastics facility in Indiana. These as well as many of our other accomplishments say plenty about the quality of the competitive team program at Gymnaworld. While winning isn’t everything, it is a product of a passionate, knowledgeable, experienced and committed coaching staff with the depth of talent to produce results from the recreational levels all the way through State, Regional and occasionally National and International quality gymnastics. Over 96% of our competitive gymnasts come out of our own Gymnatots, Gymnaskills, and Gymnastars Programs.  We are proud for producing so many successful homegrown gymnasts and welcome all to join us.  Our results speak volumes about the organization of a safe and well thought out, efficient training program.
The following is a partial list of accomplishments of Gymnaworld’s, Gymnaworld’s Heartland Gymnastics and Gymnaworld’s Tipton Academy of Gymnastics’ and Gymnaworld’s current Competitive Programs: State Champions:  Rachel Hudson (Level 6 and Level 9 All-around), Lynnsey Segraves (Level 5 All-around), Adrienne Handy (Level 4 Floor Exercise), Codi Batten (Level 4 All-around), Kelly Moffitt (Level 4, Level 5, Level 6 All-around), Trisha Tocco (Level 4 All-around), Brittany McNulty (Level 5 6, and 7 All-around), Erin Lamb (Level 6 All-around), Samantha Ferguson (Level 6 All-around), Barbara Cotner (Level 5 and Level 6 Floor Exercise) 2001 Level 4 State Championship Team: Erin Angle, Megan Young, Madison Baldini, and Taylor Ruch, Erin Angle (2001 Fall State Balance Beam and All-around), Taylor Ruch (Level 5 Balance Beam), Cady Caudle (2002 Level 4 All-around), Lynzi Monnin (2002 Level 5 All-around), Rebekah Ripberger (2005 Level 4 non-sanctioned All-around). Jenna Jones (2007 Level 3 Vault, 2011 Level 8 Fall State Floor Exercise Champion), (2012 performer in Kellog’s Tour Of Champions in Indianapolis, IN), (2015 & 2017 Level 10 Regional Qualifier) Jillian Tomlinson (2017 Level 6 State Uneven Bar Champion) Kaitlin Groothuis (2007 Level 3 Floor Exercise and All-around) (2008 Level 4 Vault and Floor Exercise) Heaven Jankosky (Level 3 Vault) Ashley Gordon (Level 3 Floor Exercise - 2008) Emily Denham (Level 4 Vault - 2009)   Kylie Rothschild (Level 3 Vault - 2008) Analeyce Clarkson (Level 3 Vault - 2008) McKenna Edwards (Level 3 All-Around - 2008 Fall State and Level 4 Uneven Bars 2009 Fall State), (2017 Level 7 State Vault Champion) Ashley Gordon (2009 Spring Level 3 Floor Exercise State Champion) Kelsey Stewart (2009 Spring Level 3 Balance Beam State Champion) 2010 Spring Level 3 1st Place Team State Champions Maryan Edwards (2011 Fall State Level 4 Floor Exercise State Champion, 2015 Spring Level 6 Floor Exercise State Champion) Chelsea Jones (Level 3 Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise, and  All-around - 2009 Fall State, Level 4 Bars Beam, Floor and All- Around 2010 Fall State, Level 6 Fall State Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise, and All-around State Champion, 2011 Fall State Level 5 Balance Beam State Champion, 2011 Spring Vault, Bars, Floor Exercise, & All-Around State Champion) Bethany Hoffman (All-Around at the 2008 Fall State, 2009 Spring Level 3 Floor Exercise State Champion, Indiana / USAG Level 7 Uneven Parallel Bars State Champion 2013) Alissa Helton (2009 Spring Level 3 Balance Beam State Champion) Arianna Kenyon (Level 5 Floor Exercise - 2009 Fall State) Hailey Champion (2009 Spring Level 3 State Vault Champion) Rebecca Pope (Level 3 Vault, Level 4 Vault - 2009 Spring and 2010 Fall State) Gabrielle Matz (Level 4 Uneven Bars - 2009 Fall State) Kaitlin Murray (Level 3 Vault and Balance Beam - 2009 Fall State, Level 4 Bars - 2010 Fall State) Lily Hess (Level 3 Floor Exercise and All-around - 2009 Fall State) Andrea Rodriguez (Level 3 Uneven Bars - 2009 Fall State) {(Darby Culp (Prep-Optional Silver Balance Beam, Uneven Bars, Floor and All-Around State Champion), Anna Krueger (Prep-Optional Silver Uneven Bars), Jordan Crippin (Prep-Optional Silver, All-Around State Champion), Hannah Eppley, Meg Parsley, and Kennedy Matz (2009 Prep-Optional State Championship Team Members)} Jordyn Beck (2010 Spring Level 3 All-around State Champion - Tie) Anna Dorris (Level 3 Vault and Floor - 2009 Fall State, Level 4 Vault at 2010 Spring State, and 2011 Fall State Level 6 State Floor Exercise Champion!) Brynn Urban (2011 Spring State Level 3 Balance Beam State Champion), Halle Hartmann (2011 Fall State Vault and Floor Exercise Champion, 2013 Level 4 Spring State Vault Champion) Bailey Haworth (2009 - Level 3 All-around - Fall State, and Level 4 Uneven Bars 2010 Spring State, Level 3 Bars, 2010 Fall State, 2012 Fall State Uneven Bars State Champion, Level 5 Bars and Floor Champion) 2011 Spring 11 Year Old Age Group Level 5 State Team Champions 2011 Spring State Level 4 12 & Older Age Group Level 4 State Team Champions: Katie Noel,Jillian Gibson, and Austin Jones Elizabeth Baker (2012 FallState Uneven Bars Champion) Jillian Dierckman (USAG Level 3 Fall State Vault Champion) Kennedy Armstrong (2012 Fall State Uneven Bars State Champion) Abigail Zeiss (Level 3 Balance Beam - 2009 Fall State and Level 3 Floor Exercise - 2010 Spring State, Level 5 Balance Beam - 2012 Fall State and 2013 Spring State) 2009-2010 Fall & Spring Level 3 Team Champions, Lauren Groothuis (2010 Level 8 Uneven Bars) Heather Roy (Level 3 All events and All-Around - 2010 Fall  and Spring State), Alli Rhodes (Level 5 Vault 2010 Fall State) Hannah Eddlemon (Level 4 Vault, Beam, and All-Around 2010 Fall State) Austin Jones (Level 4 - Vault, Beam, and All-Around - 2010 Fall State & 2012 Level 6 Fall State All-around State Champion)   Grace Beckner(2011 Level 3 Floor Exercise and All-around Fall State Champion, 2012 Fall State Level 4 Floor Exercise and All-Around State Champion and 2012 Spring Level 4 State Floor Exercise Champion), Kara Morelock (2011 Fall State Vault and Uneven Bars State Champion, 2012 Level 3 Spring State All-Around Champion) Reese Grant (Level 3 Vault, Beam, and All-Around - 2010 Fall State) Brianne Stevenson (Level 3 Vault 2010 Fall State, 2011 Fall State Level 4 State Vault Champion), 2010 Level 3 Fall State Meet State Team Champions, Hayleigh Elliott (2012 Level 6 Fall State Balance Beam Champion) Evie Lybrook (2012 Spring State Level 3 Vault State Champion) Emily Marlow (2013 Spring State Level 3 Vault State Champion) Sydney Harris (Two time State Uneven Parallel Champion) (2014 Level 3 Uneven Bars) (2015 Level 4 Uneven Bars) Emma Bock (2016 Level 4 State Vault Champion), (2017 Level 6 State Floor Exercise Champion)   Madison Garner (2017 Level 3 Vault and Floor Exercise State Champion). Regional Qualifiers:  Rachel Hudson (Level 9), Jolee Mundy (Level 8), Erin Angle (Level 8), Lauren Groothuis (Level 8), Kayce Jo Weaver (Level 8), Bethany Hoffman (2014 Level 8 regional qualifier), Cadance Pierce (2015 Level 8 regional qualifier, Jenna Jones (2015 Level 10 regional qualifier), McKenna Edwards, Maryan Edwards, Macie McCord, and Bailey Haworth (2016 Level 7 regional qualifiers), Chelsea Jones, Taylor Standridge, Halle Hartmann, and Amira Bledsoe (2016 Level 8 regional qualifiers AND Indiana State Team members, Myah Donaldson, Gracesyn Looper, Taylor Standridge, and Amira Bledsoe  (2017 level 8 Regional Qualifiers). Regional Finalists/Medalists:  Rachel Hudson 1996 (Level 9 Vault) Lauren Groothuis 2010 (Level 8 Vault) Bethany Hoffman (Level 8 Uneven Bars and Balance Beam) Chelsea Jones (2016 Level 8 Regional Floor Exercise Silver Medalist).  Regional Champions:  Macie McCord (2016 Level 7 Floor Exercise Regional Champion). Congratulations to the following Gymnaworld athletes for being chosen to model in the 2013 - 2017 Motionwear Competitive and Work-out Wear catalogs:  Jenna Jones, Evie Lybrook, Chelsea Jones, Taylor Standridge, Jillian Tomlinson, Amira Bledsoe, Macie McCord, and McKenna Edwards.
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