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Gymnaworld Open Gym (5 Years and Up)
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Explore Open Gym!!
Want to enjoy a little free open gym at home?  Enjoy this fun Trampoline game!
Open Gym is your opportunity to use the Gymnaworld Gymnastics facility and gymnastics equipment in an unstructured setting. Although Open Gym time is supervised by the Gymnaworld Staff, there is no organized class structure. Children of all ages (up through age 26) are welcome to explore all the available equipment, play, practice and have a blast! Members:  $4.00 Guests:  $8.00 Frequently asked questions: Question:  As A Parent, Can I Go On The Gym Floor To Help My Child? Answer:  Absolutely!  Parents and guardians are welcome to assist their child.  However, due to rules imposed by our insurance company, you will not be permitted to use any of the gymnastics apparatus yourself if you are over the age of 26.  Parents/guardians under the age of 27 who wish to participate in Open Gym must also complete a waiver and submit the Open Gym participation fee. Question:  What should my child wear to Open Gym? Answer:  Standard Gymnastics attire as described on our policy page.
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