Advanced and Open Registration In order to limit class size, we must have advanced registrationFirst priority will be given to current students during advanced registration.  Advanced registration begins during the 7th week of the current eight week session.  Classes will be filled after this time with new and returning students during Open registration on a first come first served basis.  Gymnaworld reserves the right to change or cancel a class based on enrollment. Registration At Gymnaworld, sessions consist of eight weeks.  Parents must complete the registration form, waiver, and interests survey and return them to the office before the first class.  When re-registering for another session while currently enrolled, it is not necessary to fill the forms out again unless there has been a change in the information we collect such as mailing address, etc..  Re & Pre-registration for the next session may be done at anytimem but generally should be done during Advanced RegistrationStudents currently enrolled receive first priority for class times and days during Advanced Registration.  Classes will be filled with new and returning students after this time on a first come first served basis.  Early enrollment is your assurance that you have reserved your child’s class day and time for the session. Payment Policies Tuition must be paid at the time of registration prior to class participation.  A $3.00 fee will be charged if not paid by the start of a session, and a $5.00 late fee will be charged if not paid 15 days after the start of the session.  A parent may set up an alternative payment / installment plan that fits their budget.  All payments must be prompt and paid as agreed.  To set up an alternate payment plan, please see Brenda Martin, our office manager.  Accepted forms of payment are shown below. Make-up Policy It is always better for the gymnast to attend their regular class; however, we do allow two (2) make-up classes per session.  In addition, any classes missed due to special events and/or holidays observed by Gymnaworld may be made up.  Make-ups must be scheduled through our office manager Brenda in the office during the session in which they are missed.  Make-up classes not made up during the eight week session or forfeited.  Any make-up class that is scheduled and missed is automatically forfeited.  Make- up lessons are scheduled according to level - not instructor.  No credit or monetary reimbursement are applicable for classes not made up.  Please schedule make-up classes from the 2nd through the 7th week of the session.  You may lose your make- up if you wait until the last week of the session to schedule it. Refund Policy All fees paid to Gymnaworld are non-refundable.  In the case of a transfer to another program within Gymnaworld, injury or an extended illness, please contact the director.  Due to the high costs of running a successful competitive program, the cost of supporting competitive team members, as well as the commitment we have extended to our coaching staff:  Level 2 - 8 Team members departing our program must give a thirty (30) day notice prior to departure.  Parents are still financially responsible for this thirty (30) day period whether the athlete attends practice or not.  Level 9 & 10 Team members departing our program must give a thirty (180) day (6th month) notice prior to departure.  Parents are still financially responsible for this one hundred eighty (180) day period (six months) whether the athlete attends practice or not. Arrival and Departure Students should be to class on time, ready for class.  All students are to remain inside our facililty until responsible party arrives to pick them up.  Please be prompt in picking your child(ren) up at the end of class. Parent Observation Parents are welcome to observe class from our designated observation area at any time.  Due to space and distractions, there is no in- the-gym or on-the-floor observation unless a problem is indicated to the director.  No flash photography or bright video lighting is permitted during classes or team practice for obvious safety reasons. Inclement Weather In the event of extreme snowfall or other adverse weather conditions, Gymnaworld will be closed generally when the city schools close.  Check our webisite and Facebook pages as well as checking local radio and TV stations for closing announcements. Gym Rules 1.  No smoking or illegal drug use by anyone in the building. 2.  Clothing with any metal snaps, zippers, or buttons will not be permitted in class. 3.  No one allowed on the floor or in a class or on the appartus unless they are in a class in progress or have permission. 4.  No gum or candy allowed in class. 5.  No food or drinks allowed on the floor during class without permission. 6.  Jewelry is not permitted in class.  Please remove jewelry before you enter the gym. 7.  No jeans or cutoffs allowed in class. 8.  No running, horseplay, or loud talking in class. 9.  Each student is expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.  No student is allowed to verbally or physically abuse another student.  Violators of this rule will be sent out of class to the observation area for the balance of that day. 10. Please attempt to take care of restroom duties and drinks of water before class.  Students may leave class at any time to use the restroom. Attire 1. Female students are requested to wear a leotard to all classes.  Shorts, bikers with elastic waistband, ankle length tights, and T-shirts are also permitted in class worn over a leotard. 2. Female students are requested to secure hair in a manner that keeps it out of the gymnast’s eyes and out of the instructor’s way.             We recommend that long hair be pulled back to the side of the head to allow for free movement during forward and backward rolling skills. 3. Male students are requested to wear, shorts and a T-shirt or competition shirt. 4.  Barefoot is preferred to prevent slipping and falls. 5.  Fingernails and toenails are to be trimmed sufficiently to avoid injury to gymnasts and coaches. 6.  Glasses should be securely fastened.
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